Budweiser Deluxe Beer Can Roaster from Camerons Products

Budweiser Deluxe Beer Can Roaster

Stainless steel Budweiser Deluxe Beer Can Roaster with spikes to help cook potatoes, corn on the cob, and vegetables perfectly. Fill tube with beer, wine, fruit juice, soda, or water and herbs to infuse chicken with moisture and flavor. Use in over or on gas or charcoal grill. Dishwasher safe.


  • Use this deluxe, stainless-steel beer can roaster to infuse your favorite flavors into meat and veggies. This healthy alternative cooks meat in the air, rather than in grease and fat. Simply fill the tube with beer, juice, marinade, or wine, and bake or grill the moisture right into your dish.
  • Branded by Budweiser.


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