Grizzly Gear Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal Two-Person Sleeping Bag – 64″ X 87″

Emergency 2-Person Sleeping Bag by Grizzly Gear measures 64″ X 87″ and is made of Mylar material designed by NASA that has been formed into a sleeping bag to efficiently prevent heat loss. This compact sleeping bag retains warmth by reflecting 90% of body heat to prevent or counter hypothermia.


  • Generously accommodates 2 adults.
  • Measures 64″ x 87″
  • Provides compact emergency protection during any weather conditions.
  • Retains/reflects 90% of body heat which can prevent or counter hypothermia.
  • Made of durable insulating mylar material designed by NASA for space exploration.
  • Reusable, waterproof, windproof.